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About Hannah Gentry, founder and Director of the Greater Atlanta Montessori School:

PC and family
Ms. Hannah Gentry and her son at her daughter's graduation from Johns Hopkins University

The Greater Atlanta Montessori School was begun by Hannah Gentry, a career computer program analyst who, several years ago, decided to redirect her life and to devote all of her time to the one thing she really loved, the care, nurturing, and teaching of pre-school children

"I have wanted be a Montessori teacher since my own two children, now grown, attended a Montessori school.  The academic success they have enjoyed was grounded in their early years and has convinced me of the effectiveness of a Montessori education."

Pres Bush

Above: President Bush greets Ms. Gentry's grandson in the Oval Office. Ms. Gentry's Daughter, Anna, a Career Foreign Service Officer who worked in the white house, and her husband stand by.

"I love teaching children.  I believe teaching at the primary level is a critical responsibility and an especially rewarding one, as primary education is the foundation of one's life."  -- Hannah Gentry. 

"I love teaching children... primary education is the foundation of one's life."  -- Hannah Gentry.

In addition to her BBA degree from Oglethorpe University in computer science and business, with  a minor in Psychology, Mrs. Gentry has completed the extensive training and certification requirements of the Association Montessori Internationale, and has been teaching since 1997. She has also assembled a collection of professionally crafted and certified Montessori materials (Nienhuis) to use in teaching children.

Many of Ms. Gentry's former students have been admitted to some of Atlanta's finest private and Christian schools and are pursuing excellence in all subject areas in their academic careers.

Mrs. Gentry enjoys reading and listening to classical music, especially Frederic Chopin, and appreciates the Impressionist painters, especially Claude Monet. She also plays the Kayakum, an Asian classical instrument. When she has the opportunity, she enjoys hiking, mountain climbing, and going on family picnics. In addition to directing the Greater Atlanta Montessori School, Mrs. Gentry is a member of the First Baptist Church of Atlanta and sings in the choir and in the Atlanta Passion Play. 

Mission and Vision of the Greater Atlanta Montessori School (GAMS):

The GAMS Mission is to provide for and to satisfy the developmental and educational needs of the child. This includes:


  • Helping the child reach maximum potential by giving him or her the opportunity to exercise their natural curiosity and to explore the learning environment.
  • Teaching the child to respect and to work harmoniously with others.
  • Helping the child acquire the joy of learning through materials designed scientifically and beautifully by Dr. Montessori.
  • Allowing the child the freedom to choose his or her own work and space.
  • Helping the child learn to be both independent and to pursue excellence in all areas.
  • Leading the child to the point where he or she will feel peace and confidence in himself or herself.
  • Always keeping in mind that Montessori early childhood education is the foundation for life
  • Montessori education is learning for life


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